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Welcome to Marco

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Rostom family business was established in 1887 and since then each generation of the family has worked in exporting agricultural products from Egypt and importing fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, spices, pulses and food stuff from Europe and Arab countries (El sham countries).

In 1958 Mr. Abd EL Meguid Rostom the father became a major Egyptian exporter of potatoes, onions, garlic, groundnuts and watermelon to Europe and the Arab countries, at the same time a major importer for fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts and other food items.

In 1975 Mr. Abd EL Meguid Rostom was able to build packing houses for potatoes, onion, garlic, groundnuts and other related products.

In 1985 Mr. Mohamed Rostom established Marco for Import and Export as one of Rostom Group companies. Marco for Import and Export is specialized in exporting oranges, potatoes, onion and garlic, also importing fresh fruits such as apples, bananas, cherries, peaches, plums and pears, Chinese garlic, fresh coconuts, dried fruits, nuts, pulses, spices, medical herbs and other food stuff.

In 1991 Mr.Mohamed Rostom added a special packing house for oranges plus a 5000 metric Ton of cold stores for the full range of the export and import products.

In 1995 Mr.Mohamed Rostom built a new modern potatoes packing line and bought his first potatoes farm in Alnubaria area.

In 2003 a new farm in Wadi El Natroon with a pivot water irrigating system for potatoes and Onions, Marco for Import and Export, Mr. Mohamed Rostom increases the company's cultivated farms yearly.

In 2005 Mr. Mohamed Rostom undertook an extensive modern ization for the packing houses and farms as he bought a potatoes farm in the Deplomat village at Wadi Elnatroun in a private high class prouduction area.

In 2006 Marco for Import and Export built modern de-greening chambers to meet the early pre-season increasing demands.

In 2007 Marco for Import and Export Mr.Mohamed Rostom added a new farm in Abdelwahab village in El Bahira Governorate.

In 2010 Marco for Import and Export became a leader in the export and import section of the Egyptian economy after Mr. Mohamed Rostom majorly upgraded the packing houses machinery, the cold stores equipment and increased the cultivated land by adding new farms in Nubaria area, Wadi Elnatroun, Elgalaa and Abo Massoud area in Elbahira Governorate. He also added a new modern orange packing house equipped with the latest technology.

In 2011 Marco for Import and Export (Rostom Group) stepped toward the new era after the revolution of 25th of January in Egypt with new and modern approaches to the future by extending the new ideas of the company social responsibility (CSR) and environmental development through research teams lead by Mr. Mohamed Rostom.

The company and packing houses obtained quality certificates such as ISO 9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, ISO22000:2005 and BS-OHSAS 18001:2007, BRC, HACCP, IFC, and the Global GAP certificate for the farms. back